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Dealing with customers

We are all making business, we are earning money. On the other hand, the final clients visit your shop and pays for the products you offer. From this we can see that you are depending on your clients’ money and one of the major factors that can influence the amount of money that he spends on your products, is relationship between him and your personnel.

There are a few simple rules that you should follow:

1) Pay attention to display your items in a clear and understandable way with all the necessary description and good quality images

2) Your clerk should deal with customers in a polite and professional way

3) You should always know products from your offer 


Gender of the seller - a controversial issue, but there is a definite answer on this. Summing up the experience of our partners from around the world, it has become evident that there is a category of buyers who "wish only to men," and there are those who "prefers girls." Ideally - should be different sales -consultants.
Age. Reviews of age quite the same type in all countries of the world - it must be a person, impressing sexually experienced. The buyer eventually will not take advice from a 18 year old girl, but hesitate to say something intimate to his grandmother.
For you as a businessman, it is very important to be able to sell your dealer. But you will not be able to take advantage of this by his ability by 100% if it does not provide all the information about your products.