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Producer’s recommendations

Every producer gives advises on how to sell his products in the effective way and how to make big turnovers exactly on his products.

Being the official and exclusive distributor of international brands Erotic Fantasy provides you with advises directly from the supervisors and leading marketing specialist of those companies.

All the recommendations can be split into two groups – general and special advises

General recommendations

1) Intuitive understood displaying of goods – both in the display of a retail shop and on the internet web-page – the main goal here is to present your products in the most customer-friendly way, so your clients can feel ‘comfortable’ browsing through your offer. This way of presenting goods can vary depending on the location of your shop or on relocation your business in another region or country. This will also depend on your target.    

2) Always take the product out of its package to show it to your client. If your customers chooses a piece of garment, lingerie or shoes you should give your client a possibility to try it on. This will build a confidence to you as a quality seller.  

3) Helping your client in choosing similar items – it is always possible that complete the full set of lingerie from the producer’s offer or, if talking about a toy, choosing a product of similar size. In order to provide your customers with complete information you and your staff need to know the products which are being offered by your seller. The producers often provide a few sizes or colors of the same product. Lingerie manufacturers offer not only knickers or corsets of the same style but also a cincher, a bra or other garment pieces

Special recommendations – these are advises of an each particular brand that are given personally by each manufacturer. We think that this is the most valuable information since every producer delivers his products by tons and cubic meters. All the details regarding special recommendations will be given to you by your personal manager. Our whole staff goes through regular trainings and gives test on product’s knowledge and sales strategies.