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Revel Body QuietCore Accessory Tip Set - Kiti and Tikl

Set of two additional attachments for the magnetic pulsator Revel Body. Made of high-quality velvety silicone. Kiti's nozzle in the form of rabbit ears to stimulate the clitoris, the nozzle “wraps around” the clitoris like headphones and provides very gentle stimulation. Also suitable for nipples. The second nozzle Tikl is designed for intensive mild stimulation of erogenous zones with suction effectors. Try to use Revel Body with nozzles under water - you will love it! Explore your body and the body of your partner with Revel Body!
  • Item №: RB-422
  • Штрих-код: 857587004255
  • Vendor: Revel Body, USA
  • Material: Silicon
  • Package: Box
  • Color: red
РРЦ: 1300i


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