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Magnetic Levitation Pulsator Revel Body Original

Magnetic Levitation Pulsator Revel Body Original

Item №: RB301

Feel yourself refreshed, charged with energy and pacified with Revel Body Original - with the world's first massager that works with the frequency of OM energy. Vibration OM awakens sexual energy, makes intimate sensations brighter, reduces the feeling of stress and excitement, renews the soul, thoughts and spirit. The OM theory, famous for its ancient cultures, allows to unite all the energies of the body and mind together. The universal massager, which has a powerful vibration, suitable for the muscles of the whole body, also has other vibration frequencies, suitable for stimulating the most sensitive areas. In addition, the vibrator creates a vacuum effect under water! To do this, just need to turn on the vibrator in the water, choose a comfortable vibration speed and firmly press the massager to the body with the reverse side. Now contactless stimulation of the clitoris in the water is a reality! The massager is 100% waterproof, made of silicone and plastic without phthalates, nickel or lead. The magnetic pulsator is powered by a rechargeable LiPo battery (charged by USB) and has 6 vibration speeds. The core levitates in the body of the massager in a magnetic field. The massager has a clearly directed vibration, without wasting it in vain. A powerful engine will stimulate the area to which you direct its work, not a drop of useless vibration! The most powerful vibration is at 3 speeds of the pulsator. The second speed corresponds to the base stage of the energy of the OM, the fourth - to the low stage of the energy of the OM, and 6 speed - the middle stage of the energy of the OM. To turn off the vibration - hold the power button for 3 seconds. To recharge the device, install it in the charging station so that the vibrator lasts 10 minutes: it must charge for 20 minutes and so on. When the vibrator is fully charged, the lights on the magnetic core will turn off. 1 backlight blinking - the vibrator is 25% charged, 2 blinks - 50%, 3 blinks - 100%.
  • Item №: RB301
  • Штрих-код: 857587004293
  • Vendor: Revel Body, USA
  • Material: Silicon
  • Package: Box
  • Color: purple
РРЦ: 14000i


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