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FREEDOM soft tampons 10 pcs mini

FREEDOM soft tampons 10 pcs mini

Item №: 12234

FREEDOM® - tampons of a new generation for modern women! • comfortable shape in the form of a heart • special air material • ease of insertion and extraction • easily adapts to the shape of the body • not felt inside • approved by gynecologists and tested by dermatologists • suitable for medium and heavy discharge • made in Germany FREEDOM® tampons provide not only reliable protection from the discharge in critical days, but also make it possible not to abandon their usual hobbies and plans! Make love, play sports, swim in the pool, dance, meet friends in the spa or relax on the beach - with FREEDOM® everything is possible even on critical days! Detailed instructions in each package!
  • Item №: 12234
  • Штрих-код: 4028403122347
  • Vendor: Freedom, Germany
  • Package: Box
  • Color: Pink
РРЦ: 1830i


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