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7" Curved Glass G Spot Stimulator

Experience the satisfaction of a realistic penis head combined with the one-of-a-kind sensations that only glass can deliver. This artistically crafted dildo allows for deep, pleasurable penetration and stimulation. Offering 7 delectable inches, this smooth glass beauty features a satisfying girth throughout its length and the lifelike tip gives it that extra oomph! It’s bulbous handle allows for excellent control of all the fun. Get ready for a night of pleasure with your new favorite lover. Fracture-resistant and hypoallergenic, the Glas 7” Realistic Head Glass Dildo is ultra-safe and durable for repeat use! All Glas toys can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Make play time extra fun by using plenty of lube with this glass dildo. Glass is compatible with all lubricants. Turn up the excitement by incorporating temperature play! Simply submerge the 7” Realistic Head Glass Dildo in hot or cold water to achieve the desired sensation.
  • Item №: GLAS-138
  • Штрих-код: 4890808169681
  • Vendor: Glas, USA
  • Material: glass
  • Package: Box
  • Color: transparent
РРЦ: 3100i


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