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Increasing penis size is as easy as, for example, biceps. For this purpose, a special technique is used - penbuilding ™ (from the words “penis” and “building”, i.e. literally “penis building”). This is a gradual mechanical stretching of the male penis to the desired size. Due to the lengthening of the blood supply of the penis is significantly increased during erection. The member becomes large and resilient. Big Pen cream is a personal “trainer” and assistant for practicing penbuilding. Warming the skin of the penis, He sets up his owner for sports and upcoming exercises. The tool is designed specifically for maximum comfort: it combines the gentle and super-long slip of the oil and the pleasant elasticity of the cream. An exceptional level of comfort and pleasant sensations combined with a special structure. The “tingle” effect is a unique feature of the “Big Pen”. This feeling of tingling and trembling, which occurs due to the rapid penetration of active ingredients and gives a real feeling of the changes taking place. The cream is enriched with natural ingredients. A mixture of extracts (horse chestnut, ginko biloba, prickly needle) effectively strengthens the walls of blood vessels and improves blood circulation, makes the connective tissue elastic and easily stretchable. Since ancient times, the South American “potency tree” of the muirah of the puam has been used in folk medicine as a means that “makes what is soft and hard”. Ginseng has a tonic and stimulating effect. Natural aphrodisiac ginger causes and enhances sexual desire. Application: daily (for a course of 10-14 days), apply the cream on the trunk and the head of the penis with massaging movements until completely absorbed. Then proceed to special exercises. The duration of classes in the building is on average 15-20 minutes per day. Exercises are described in detail in the instructions attached to the cream “Big Pen”.
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